We are willng to contribute to safety voyage through supply parts and maintenance of ships.





Business contents

Supplying parts of ships

Supplying parts of engines and other parts of ships.
Engines, auxiliary machinery, and other machinery parts.
A deck parts, electric parts of engines, All kinds of consumables, a publication, safety equipment, chemicals, etc.

Maintainance and repair

Repairing outside of the dock. Plumbing and wiring work.
・Maintainance and repair of engines.
・Safety check of ships. Inspection the bottom of ships. Non destruction inspection. Observing the classification of ships.
・Load testing and prove of loading equipment and boat.

Recycling parts and mending engines with recycled parts

・Recycling parts and mending engines such as exhaust valve stem, valve seat and the nozzle chip.
・Dealing other used parts.


We are providing not only repair parts but also whole repair service of ships.
For example, If there is a ship in bad condition, we will troublushoot and investigate the cause of trouble. And we supply replace parts and execte replacement work.
This is our whole service that brought up by an ship maintenance experience for a half century.

 Especially, We are good at maintenance of the engine. And We are confident of supply parts speedy and appropriate.



We are purchasing form 700 over suppliers all over the world. We constructed the system to be able to supply parts speedy and appropriate from lots of suppliers.